Find the Right Content Creators To Work With Your Brand

Get access to a list of hand picked Instagram influencers, tweaked and tuned using SocialRoot efficacy data, and give your brand maximum exposure in urban markets.



Looking for the top digital influencers within a certain category or region to receive right now? We offer custom lists of publishers that have all been fully verified and vetted for an engaged audience across their social channels.

Detailed Analytics

Socialroot’s unique algorithm compiles all the information you need to find the right influencers. Each list includes:
  • Instagram name
  • Influencers name
  • Website link
  • Instagram follower count
  • Average comments for last 50 Instagram posts
  • Average likes for last 50 Instagram posts
  • Percentage of quality followers

The following table lists nine featured publishers from our database. To receive a full report of all influencers that fit your criteria, please click the purchase link below.

UsernameNameWebsiteFollowersAvg. LikesAvg. CommentsQuality Followers
mintarrowCorrine Stokoshttp://www.mintarrow.com745927657246.65%
lyndiinthecityLyndi Kennedyhttp://lyndiinthecity.com8406414745641.36%
curiouserliaLia Curiouserhttp://www.curiouserlia.com503341435961.64%
mystylediariesNikki Mintonhttp://www.mystylediaries.com533144491455.84%
andeelayneAndee Layne
fashionbyvickyVicky Penalozahttp://www.fashionbyvickyp.blogspot.com256532971454.81%
hannahhaglerHannah Haglerhttp://www.champagnelifestyleblog.com207003241555.13%
inmyblondelifeSheida Mizani
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    • Daily updates with new follower data

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Examples Uses:

  • Brands

  • SocialRoot provides tailored data-driven audience demographics for brand marketers to more easily solve their everyday challenges

    • Verify current relationships are driving results
    • For one time events
    • For media campaign

  • Agencies

  • Whether managing client ad campaigns, PR or content creation, SocialRoot’s organic intelligence supports your efforts in driving awesome results.

    • Get more economical bloggers
    • Locale specific bloggers
    • Bloggers to boost existing campaigns

  • Retailers

  • Whether you’re interested in finding top category performers – or simply needing to know who ranks in your region, SocialRoot provides answers.

    • Promote brand lines
    • Sort by platform (FB, Twtr, IG)
    • Expand display advertising


What makes SocialRoot different compared to my current methods of finding bloggers?
  • All of the sites added into our network are individually reviewed to ensure quality
  • We can identify publishers with paid followers and filter them out
  • For each publisher, we analyze their reader base and segment what type of content the are most interested in (beauty, fashion, lifestyle, other)
Why pay for a curated list of bloggers?

Filtering sites by different types of influence allows us to provide the best-targeted sites for marketing campaigns to meet expectations for budgets and reach. By filtering by influence type & size of reach, we can find the sweet spot for cost per blogger campaign. Instead of working with the A-List super popular bloggers, we can find bloggers with more influence*& engagement, and cost less.

How is influence calculated for each blogger?

The SocialRoot algorithm and process analyzes the thousands of followers for each influencer. We look at several factors including what is most liked, what the publisher writes about and what the followers are interacting with the most.

Do follower counts matter the most?

Comparing social media followers between bloggers is helpful, however we have discovered deeper insights about which bloggers are most influential for specific segments of a market.

Why was SocialRoot created?
Kiére Media has been doing agency work with bloggers since 2009. The next year (June 2010) we started to keep all bloggers organized in a Google Doc and manually updated important metrics, like Twitter Followers, Yahoo! site score, and average comments per post.
After hours and hours of work, we thought to ourselves, wow wouldn’t be amazing if we built a Web Application that would update all of these stats for us all automatically. The Blog Tracker was born. In the interim, we built DigitallyLUX {please link to launch article} and tools that hundreds of bloggers have used to create successful campaigns with our clients. In the first part of 2014, we decided to provide paid access to our database of bloggers we have accumulated over the last 4+ years.